The Bahamas are one of our most popular getaway spots year-round. From the crystal blue waters to white sandy beaches, trust us, you won’t ever want to leave. With entirety, the Bahamas consist of seven-hundred islands, in which only 30 are inhabited. This leaves tremendous room for CBC to take you exploring beyond apprehension! The destination route will strike you in awe with mesmerizing sunsets and endless islands to explore. Little islands populated with piglets, iguanas, and off shore shipwrecks can be checked off the bucket-list with booking our captivating Bahamas vacation.

Trip #1

Abacos  >  Hope Town  >  Man-o-War  >  Guana Cay  >  Green Turtle  >  Harbor Island

  • Abacos > With lush green cays that stretch over 120 miles long, the Abacos makes any trip a boating paradise. Lonely crescents of white sand become endless surrounded by blue shallows, which makes it a perfect spot for a beach picnic and snorkel session.
  • Hope Town > Located just 100 miles north of Nassau, Hope Town is a charming little village off Elbow Cay. It’s the home of friendly people, delicious conch fritters, and close proximity to world class diving. To reserve its privacy, this cay is free from mainstream tourists and cruise ships, giving you a one-of-a-kind destination.
  • Man-o-War > South of Guana Cay you’ll come across Man-O-War Harbour with lovely homes, dockage's, and an airstrip. The quiet island has many neighboring cays that can’t be missed for water sports and and lounging. Great exploration is a must, as many of the paths shrink to a narrow splitting of the Sea of Abaco and the open ocean, forming island crescents.
  • Guana Cay > Reputably the most beautiful of all the Abacos, Guana Cay is known for their reef scattered beaches which makes it a snorkeling utopia. Easily accessed by boat, this location is ideal to experience a local culture of the Bahamas. From fresh produce stands to gourmet seafood at the legendary Nipper’s restaurant, CBC can help you get used to the island life.
  • Green Turtle Cay > A great place suited for families and couple fun, Green Turtle Cay is a combination of beautifully colored villages with the daily action of watersports. With lobstering and tourism as their main focuses, typical vacationers all end up on the beach with the national drink "Goombay Smash" in their grasp.
  • Harbor Island > Famously known for their pink sand beaches along the east side, Harbor Island is part of the "out islands" of the Bahamas. Proven to be adorned by visitors, this destination is only 3 miles long and just a mile off another known island called Eleuthera. With a laid-back atmosphere, the island can easily be explored by golf cart, making it fun and convenient to see attractions.

Trip #2

Exumas  >  Highborne City  >  Norman Cay  >  Compass Cay  >  Staniel Cay

  • Exumas > A tropical dream to some, but with CBC you can make your dreams a reality. Explore the type of place where local culture is truly alive and where the water is unreal. With 365 cays and islands, the Exumas are beyond your exotic expectations of paradise.
  • Highborne Cay > Known for its transient islands, Highborne Cay is privately owned with a world class marina and luxury cottages. It has eight deserted beaches that can be named our own paradise. It is one of the mystery islands of the Bahamas.
  • Norman Cay > Part of the island chain of New Providence, Norman Cay portrays an escape of pure isolation. For its small size, it is the perfect retreat from reality. CBC can help you make your first footprints in these nameless beaches.
  • Compass Cay > With a rare yet accessible harbor, Compass Cay has an array of features. From swimming with nurse sharks to dipping into a froth lagoon called "Rachel's bubble bath", this gem can be an adventure. Walk a half a mile of just beach or if feeling active climb the highest part of the island "Compass Peak."
  • Staniel Cay > With only 118 full-time residents, Staniel Cay is as local as you can get. This magical island is in the center of all the small chains of islands and presents itself with nothing but luxurious fun. Swim with nurse sharks, jump from Thunderball Grotto, or explore deep blue lagoons.
  • Nassau > Very different from the remote and isolated chain of islands, this is the capital of Grand Bahamas. Big city Bahamian life! To the north lies Atlantis Paradise Island, a massive resort filled with fun activities, enormous aquariums, and great eats. A half an hour away from Atlantis is Albany Resort, a perfect getaway for golf lovers, families, and superyacht connoisseurs. Nassau is the heart of the Bahama territory filled with culture and modern amenities.