British Virgin Islands

Known for its luxurious yacht anchorages, the British Virgin Islands remain a labyrinth of untouched pools and baths that will keep you wandering. This location is most idyllic for anyone who wants to explore while taking it easy. Make yourself at home here with us where a walkie talkie command is a snap away from taking you anywhere you desire to be. We can take you inches from Virgin Gorda’s most beautiful attractions. With CBC we allow you to be just footprints away from top of the line snorkeling and beaches, that are known for their authentic rock formations.

Trip #1

St. Thomas  >  St. John  >  Virgin Gorda  >  The Baths, Peter Island  >  Norman Island

  • St. Thomas >With the various destinations that we offer suited to you, St. Thomas is another taste of the tropics. The Virgin Islands are among the top charted locations to strike a first impression. With jungle tangled mountain tops surrounded by turquoise water hues, you are going to feel like you are on another planet. Neighboring islands such as Jost Van Dyke and St. John are also filled with island beauty and stunning waterfronts.
  • St. John > This island has become known as the place to travel of the U.S. Virgin Islands. It exceeds all epitomes of tropical beauty with thriving coral reefs and guaranteed perfect weather! One of the top rated beaches called Trunk Bay belongs to this island that continuously conserves itself yearly.
  • Virgin Gorda > Given the nickname of "Fat Virgin" by the discoverer, Christopher Columbus, Virgin Gorda remains the third largest island of the BVI’s. It attracts travelers to its first class yacht clubs, villas, and flamboyant coves. In the mood for a relaxed setting or upscale shopping? CBC can take you a couple strides away allowing you to come and go whenever you please.
  • The Baths, Peter Island > As only three hundred of the the island’s eighteen-hundred acres have been developed, it offers breathtaking views with minimal foot-printed beaches. Reefs and water attractions are nearby or there is nothing better than doing nothing at all! The Baths on this particular island, are the utmost peak of relaxation. They produce actual salt water foam, as if you were in a tub! Being able to see natural wonders makes any trip an experience.
  • Norman Island > With incredible blooming corals and aquatic serenity, this island makes any scuba lover’s dream a reality. Caves and offshore reefs lure snorkelers and divers from all over to explore this place. Known to be a pirates haven in history, Norman Island contains all the bizarre and fascinating treasures that lie within it.