Surrounded by the world’s most beautiful countries, the Mediterranean region is filled with biodiversity, turquoise seas, and tottering colourful villages. From ancient ruins to legendary cities, the locations below present themselves as a visual feast. Every beach is significant with sand, pebble, rock, and shells. Fjords, forests, villages, cities can be experienced day-to-day with this particular route. When CBC cruises to these places, we were hooked. Now, it is your turn!

French Riviera

Provence and the Côte d’Azur grasp the essence and romance of the French Riviera. Driving on the cliff top roads and sunbathing on their alluring beaches are some of the many things to do. The landscapes and cities and irrestisble to set eyes on while being a rich region filled with art. Glittering seascapes and tiny sailboats make a gorgeous memory to reminisce back to. The destinations below become major hotspots every summer and traveling with CBC makes it easy.

Nice  >  Monaco  >  Portofino  >  St. Tropez  >  Cannes  >  Antibes

  • Nice > Located in the south of the Mediterranean, the city is known for long walks along its seaside paths and the hospitable climate. Sandwiched between the glamorous Cannes and the royalty of Monaco, it is the known location to fully explore and discover the South of France. Veiled by beautiful hills, Nice’s charm and tranquility are a magnet for sunseekers and adventurers from all over.
  • Monaco > It may be the world’s second-smallest country, but one of the high rollers of wealth in the world. Monaco is the home of the Grand Prix and the world’s largest yacht show, in which we at CBC recognize and cherish. The luxurious marina is steps away from the most prominent restaurants and a plethora of designer stores. It comes with the sights of modern glass skyscrapers, the royal palace, and above all the largest superyachts ever seen. Painted in different colors, Monaco has its own kind of lifestyle. With having you onboard, this lifestyle can yours!
  • Portofino > Ancient yet refined, this lovely town is stacked in colors from charming villas, restaurants, and high-end shops. This small Italian gem possesses a variety of personalities and overlooks a pictorial harbor filled with small fishing boats and a handful of mega yachts.
  • St. Tropez > For vacationers during summer, this town is the liveliest place to be. Burrowed along the French Riviera and a short cruise from Monaco and Cannes, you can get your fill of culture, sandy beaches, gourmet food, and uplifting nightlife. With a charming yet bustling port, our CBC crew can take you into the amiable marina or a luxurious anchorage grazing the French shorelines.
  • Cannes > Linked to the legends of Saint-Honorat and the man with the iron mask, the city of Cannes grew up with the construction of holiday residences by English and Russian aristocrats. From the beginning of the twentieth century, luxury hotels for wealthy tourists constituted its architectural heritage. With state-of-the-art dining, nightlife, and several luxurious marinas, Cannes is known worldwide for its film and sailing festivals, along with historical palaces.
  • Antibes > Antibes is renowned for its jazz festival and the great artists who lived there, such as Picasso and many others. Today, it continues to be a dynamic city. Nearby, Cap d’Antibes hosts visitations by celebrities and tourists, mainly during the festival of Cannes. From its unique fortress walls, gourmet dining and leisurely strolls are a must.

Amalfi Coast

With the Mediterranean Sea seen at every corner, the Amalfi Coast is one of Italy’s most stunning destinations. Mountains plunge behind the teetering, colorful abodes that have been there for ages. Cliff havens and restaurants overlooking the beaches below create a summer escape like no other. Charming, fabled towns like Positano and Amalfi are a hub for great visuals and scenery, while Naples is remembered for its unbelievable eats. CBC can guide you through these postcard-perfect places with ease and poise.

Naples  >  Ishcia  >  Capri  >  Positano  >  Amalfi  >  Sorrento

  • Naples > Being the third largest city in Italy and one of the most ancient, Naples embodies volcanic treasures while being one of the best food hubs in the country. Serving up the best coffee, pasta, and pizza, who wouldn’t want to sit in front of a plate of Italian goodness! In Naples, you’ll find unexpected elegance and breathtaking palazzos.
  • Ishcia > Enjoy the serenity in the Gulf of Naples, that offers cultural spots and breathtaking landscapes. Discover the relaxation of thermal springs at the shorelines of this island, which initially was founded upon volcanic origin. Known as “The Green Island”, Ischia has rich pines and mediterranean vegetation that generates the island with an explosion of colors.
  • Capri > A classy and beautiful location, Capri is an island of myths said to have sea-calling sirens and ancient Roman indulgences. One of the most peaceful islands in Italy, lazy summer evenings are spent browsing exclusive boutiques amongst the world’s elite. Capri is an island full of sparkling grottos and coves, while retaining its sincere charm.
  • Positano > Seen from the sea, Positano presents itself as a unspoilt panorama of pastel colors stacked up on hillsides of lush green coves. Its pebble beaches and laid-back vibes wont have you moving anywhere. On the coasts, the isle reveals ancient Roman ruins where they can be seen from Church dell’Assunta. It is a radical retreat for intellectuals and elite group travelers.
  • Amalfi > Deemed to be seductive and beautiful, the Amalfi Coast is the perfect destination for spritz savoring and sunbathers. It is also one of the country’s top spots for hiking to escape the leisurely crowd down below. Besides the expected Italian dishes, the region is known for most of Italy’s hotspots and resorts.
  • Sorrento > Beautiful jagged shorelines with hilly terrain makes this Italian getaway very unique. While enjoying the area as a summer playground, you will get your fix of citrus-scented air and terraced farms of olives and grapes. Relish in Faro’s coves and jump from cliffs into the mediterranean at Sorrento’s coastlines.