How does CBC work?

   CBC is an exclusive experience where you have the luxury to travel the world on a private mega yacht. The trip is all inclusive.

How many days can I charter a cabin?

   A cabin can be chartered for the length of 1 voyage, which is 7 days. Guests are more than welcome to enjoy as many voyages as they’d like!

How much does it cost to charter a cabin?

   Cabin prices range, starting at $29,500. It's best to contact our concierge to discuss your prospective voyage. 1-888-969-9224.

What is the maximum capacity per cabin?

   2 persons per cabin

What makes CBC different?

   No rush to get back to the boat. You’re on your time, not the cruise ship's time.

To discuss reservations
call our concierge at 1-888-969-9224.